Financial Services

Financial products are an important element of an international business person’s lifetime planning, including our plans to enjoy a well-earned comfortable retirement. Without these products, long term working and living abroad carries a massive risk of having to go back home and start afresh.

We act for several companies that give financial advice to, and design financial products for, the international community, including in dealing with the various national regulators and dispute resolution authorities.

We also act for individuals who believe that they have not been properly served by such companies.

We also act for individuals who require these products as part of other matters (such as wills and succession planning), and we check out whether the solutions offered meet our scrutiny.

We also engage with trade associations in this practice area, and we contribution to legislation and opinion leaders to represent the internationally mobile community.

Please let us know if you have any questions in this respect. This is a rapidly growing area of importance for Europe’s aging population.