Corporate Law

It is a core value for us that international businesspeople should be able to pursue their activities internationally without hassle and unexpected legal problems, and we have to help ensure that is the case.

We specialise in fixed-price services for start-ups looking for an international approach, for potential international investor interest, all at very competitive prices thanks to our low operating costs based in Prague, Czech Republic. As our clients develop, so their needs change, and so we offer a wider set of options, calling on our experience gained over many years in high-end international law firms.

We give legal advice on a range of corporate and commercial issues to businesses of all sizes. The areas where we would expect to add particular value to business are as follows:

  1. ‘Cradle to grave’ company documentation and dealings for English and Czech companies;
  2. drafting shareholders’ agreements and share transfer agreements, including institutional grade;
  3. drafting legal contracts and formal documentation, including institutional grade;
  4. drafting arbitration awards and submissions;
  5. performing document reviews and producing commercially actionable analysis, including institutional grade;
  6. client-matter management;
  7. negotiation and face-to-face dealings;
  8. preparing and presenting knowhow, standard forms and research materials;
  9. matters of internal management and training; and
  10. otherwise applying native-speaker English language expert legal services.

We offer a tailored company incorporation service for both the United Kingdom and Czech Republic to ensure that the company is established quickly and efficiently and at the minimum of cost and inconvenience to the Client.

Please contact us if you would like to know more about any aspect of this.