Tax domicile: Where do you vote?

Published December 9, 2014 in Prague life

British tax domicile A domicile, under English tax law, broadly refers to the country in which a person resides, having an intention to reside there permanently, or at least indefinitely. Generally speaking, British nationals have a British domicile as their default. The United Kingdom’s inheritance tax is charged to United Kingdom domiciles at a rate of 40% on the entire worldwide estate.  I have written before on the difficulties of...


Come and see us at the International Business Forum

Published November 2, 2013 in Prague life

HJChapman is now included on the members section of the website of the Prague-based business to business networking group, the International Business Forum.  The forum proudly assists young companies based in the Czech Republic through its extensive (and free of charge) mentorship program.  The expertise and experience of its members is also leveraged very effectively to present news and key aspects of certain areas of business, such as marketing,...


Five scary facts about expats that die in the Czech Republic without a will

Memento mori, remember that you will die.  It is the one of the few absolute certainties that affects all of us equally.  Yes, it is morbid to talk about it, but it is also prudent to ensure that everything we work for is preserved so far as possible for our loved ones in this eventuality.  In fact, I believe that it is beyond...


Howard Chapman – On the freelance lawyer

Published February 15, 2013 in Freelance lawyer, Prague life

Life as a private practice lawyer is not for everyone.  Increasingly, the traditional model of junior associate in the mid-twenties, senior associate in the early thirties, partner by the late thirties, managing partner by the late forties, retired in the early fifties, does not work.  Increasingly, people are looking at different ways of sustaining a career in the law.